Whats the point? Many are better in my career

I want to be a scientist/engineer since little, but only now I see the competitive world out there. I’m a moron in what I want to do, my country is poor so I have a low education lvl, but still, I read in the internet for answers and I get more questions. I want to do my career but, some part of me says, “you will be a low-average engineer without enough skill, moron”

Answer by Scott Koon:

It sounds like you are focused on the wrong things.

My advice to you would be to stop comparing yourself to those around you.  No matter what you do there will be people who are smarter and more talented than you.  However, you are forgetting the opposite is also true.  There are also thousand of individuals who wish they could reach your skill level.

Formal education is an advantage.  However, it is not a requirement for making contributions in science or engineering.  The more important criteria are an ability to think critically and a passion for answering questions or solving problems.  Michael Faraday, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and The Wright Brothers all made great contributions or discoveries.  All were largely self-educated. At least a couple did poorly in school.  Many astronomical discoveries have been made by amateurs from their back yard.

Belittling yourself because you don’t have the same education as another is not productive. And, quite frankly, all the knowledge and skill in the world is nothing until it is used productively.  So, instead of calling yourself a moron, look for a problem that needs to be solved or a question that needs to be answered.  Find one that stirs your passion–perhaps one specific to your home.  Then, find a way to teach yourself what you need to know to answer or solve it.

Making the attempt to seek out an answer, trying to resolve a problem, sharing what you have learned with others, improving your own knowledge and skills, making someone else’s life better. These are what will make you a successful scientist or engineer.   The rest are just artificial ways of keeping score.

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