How to change a bad habit

“Habit is stronger than reason”
~George Santayana

After my last post, I came to the conclusion that it is very easy to suggest someone change their bad habits, but quite a different matter for someone to actually make the change.  My original intent was to create a post describing the best way to change bad habits.  However, I struggled, and failed, with several attempts.  Quitting a bad habit is just…  well… hard.

In looking through my materials, I found a few sources regarding how to successfully change behaviors.  Rather than re-create them, I thought I would briefly describe the two resources I found most useful.

  • Zenhabits.   This blog has very good advice for simplifying one’s life.  The link is to a post regarding changing your life.  Very good, very solid advice.  I have used many of the author’s suggestions, and visit his blog a lot.
  • Change Anything. This is the latest book from the authors of “Crucial Conversations” and “Crucial Confrontations”.  The methodology presented is very comprehensive.  Further, the link points to the companion website.  This website allows you to create a change model and track your progress.

I’d love to hear about your successes or failures.  What have you learned from trying to change a bad habit?

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