Failure – The path to success

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”
~Colin Powell

I grew up in the Chicago area, and followed the Bulls through both their first, and second “three-peats”.  Michael Jordan made it look so effortless.  Of course, it wasn’t, but you couldn’t tell that from watching him.  He could fly.

His success reminds me of a zen story I heard once.  A man went to a master artist and asked for a drawing of a cat.  The master told the man to come back in several weeks and he would have the drawing.  The man came back, as directed, and asked the master for his drawing.  The master pulled out a piece of paper, a bit of charcoal, and without lifting his hand from the paper drew the most perfect cat the man had ever seen.  The man was stunned and said, “this is beautiful, but why did I have to wait weeks only for you to draw it in front of me?”  The master smiled and walked to his cabinet.  As he opened it, hundreds of imperfect cat drawings fell out.

The lesson is that success is not given.  Success is earned.  Michael Jordan was successful because he kept working, regardless of the number of times he failed.  So did the master artist.  Missing a goal is not failure.  Not learning from the experience is.  As long as you have learned something, every attempt is one step closer to success.

Call to action:

Get out there and try.  If you don’t succeed, find the lesson and try again.

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