No Whining


“Whining Is Not An Exit Strategy”
~Hugh McCleod

This morning I found a slide presentation on Fastcompany regarding the work of Hugh McCleod. The above quote comes from one of the slides.

The description for the slide notes that whining doesn’t work for adults. In fact, whining doesn’t do anything but irritate anyone within earshot and wastes energy that could be productively used somewhere else. Hugh calls whining “a substitution for effective action”.

As I think about it, whining is an easy, but questionable strategy. Sure, folks that whine might get immediate gratification, but it is usually at the expense of long term relationships. I know when I encounter whining from others (adult or children), I might cave in and give them what they want, but I typically feel like spending less time with them in the future. The relationship has definitely been damaged.

It also strikes me that whining doesn’t directly help the whiner either. When I whine, I usually end up feeling worse. I can think of many instances when I have taken the figurative mole hill and whined it into a mountain. Which seems to point to the truth in Mr. McCleod’s statement that the energy would be better put toward some effective action.

So, today my promise to myself is… “No whining! Take action instead!”

Call To Action:

Visit the Fastcompany slideshow.  It contains several pearls.

Also, pay attention to how many times you resort to whining this week.  Perhaps note them in a calendar or journal.   Then, look to see if there is a trend or theme.  Vow to take action regarding that theme.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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