Happy Anniversary! Get Swimming In Quicksand FREE!


A year ago, I released Swimming In Quicksand.  To celebrate its first anniversary I’m very pleased to announce you can get a copy of it absolutely FREE!

Swimming In Quicksand is a parable about taking control of your career.

Mark is drowning. He hates his job, but can’t escape. His problems at work are destroying his relationships with his wife, daughter, and friends. His life seems to be collapsing and he doesn’t know what to do. Then, a friend introduces him to Steve, a professional coach.

Can Steve help Mark conquer his work challenges? Can Mark learn to “swim in quicksand”?

Swimming In Quicksand not only tells Mark’s story but introduces proven strategies anyone can use to dog-paddle their way to success.

Download your FREE Kindle copy from Amazon.com any time between Monday and Friday (3/23 – 3/27).

Please, tell your family! Tell your friends! Tell your co-workers!  Don’t forget to download your own copy!

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