I’ve always felt that part of my job was to help employees grow. Sometimes that means helping them move on.

Management and leadership are constantly full of challenges.  One of the toughest lessons I am struggling to learn is to surround myself with people that are smarter and more talented than I am.  If you are the smartest and most talented person in the room (or at least believe you are), then you also need to come up with all the great ideas and do (or redo) all of the work.  It is time consuming, stressful, and ultimately unrewarding.

However, if you surround yourself with really smart and talented people everyone’s job becomes easier.  One of the downsides in surrounding yourself with this level of employee is that at some point they are going to outgrow you.  At that point, as their supervisor, it is your job to encourage, challenge, and/or cajole them to move on.

I’ve noticed something I find very interesting.  Not helping your talented proteges move on will stifle their growth and hinder the further growth of you and your team.   On the other hand, actively encouraging them to make their own way, and helping them progress to other areas and sometimes other organizations can create significant benefits for everyone involved.

So, help your employees grow and succeed.  Then, when the time comes for them to move on or up, help them in any way you can.   Doing so becomes a win for you, a win for them, and a win for your team/organization.

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