Leadership is a mindset that shifts from being a victim to creating results. ~Robin S. Sharma

We spend so much time being the victim.  Poor me.  We place blame outside ourselves for our lack of progress, our lack of money, our lack of opportunity.  And, its all just an excuse.  We know (or should know) where the blame lies.  It lies within us.  Think of how successful you could be if you stopped complaining about how others have more opportunity, how others were favored, about how others have more money.  Instead, focus that same effort on creating ideas, creating opportunity, ignoring the odds and taking action?

Perhaps most of those efforts will end in “failure”, but think of the things you will learn?  Even if only one percent of those things are successful, think of how much further you will be toward your goals.

So, stop whining about why things can’t be done.  Stop griping about all the roadblocks you have to overcome.  Stop bitching about all the things you don’t have.  The problem with being the victim is that when you run out of energy, you’ve gotten yourself nowhere.  Instead, if you take that same effort and take action to move past the roadblocks, and start taking action you WILL see progress.  That is when you become a leader.

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